1. Mettā Sutta. On four kinds of persons to be found in the world   those who irradiate all quarters with goodwill, compassion, sympathy and equanimity. These are born after death in various Brahma worlds; if they happen to be disciples of the Buddha, they will no more return to the world of men. A.ii.128.

2. Mettā Sutta. Very similar to the above. Such persons are born, after death, in the Suddhāvāsā. A.ii.129.

3. Mettā Sutta. When a man has developed emancipation of the mind through goodwill, compassion, sympathy and equanimity, by the sign less (animitta) and getting rid of the thought "I am," it cannot, be said of him that he has failed to find escape from the opposite qualities. A.iii.290f.

4. Mettā Sutta. Nine qualifications which, if they accompany the observance of the fast days, make such observance fruitful   the eight precepts (abstention from killing, etc.), and irradiating the world with thoughts of goodwill. A.iv.388f.

5. Mettā Sutta. Eleven advantages which come from the development of goodwill towards all beings. A.v.342.

6. Mettā Sutta. The idea of goodwill, if cultivated, leads to much profit. S.v.131.

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