1. Meghavannābhaya. Another name for King Gothakābhaya (q.v.).

2. Meghavannābhaya. A minister of King Mahāsena. He was an intimate friend of the king, but when the latter attempted to destroy the Mahāvihāra, he showed his displeasure by raising a revolt in Malaya. The king went out to fight him and pitched his camp near Dūratissavāpi. During the night, Meghavannābhaya visited the king alone, taking some delicacies which he had obtained, wishing to share them with him. At their meeting they begged each other's forgiveness, and, with the king's help, Meghavannābhaya restored the Mahāvihāra (Mhv.xxxvii.17ff). According to the Smantapāsādikā (Sp.i.102; also SadS.43), one of the parivenas built by Meghavannābhaya seems to have borne his name. It was built on the site where, in the time of Devānampiyatissa, a recital of the Dhamma was held under the presidency of the Thera Mahā Arittha.

Meghavannābhaya vihāra. A monastery founded by King Gothābhaya (Meghavannābhaya). At the festival of its consecration the king distributed six garments each to thirty thousand monks. Mhv.xxxvi.108.

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