1. Megha. A youth in the time of Dīpankara Buddha. Hearing the Buddha prophesy the future of Sumedha, Megha entered the Order with him. He was a former birth of Dhammaruci Thera. Ap.ii.430.

2. Megha (v.l. Majjha). He was treasurer of Sāketa and father of Anopmā Therī. ThigA.138.

3. Megha. A king of long ago; a previous birth of Dhajadāyaka Thera. Ap.i.109.

1. Megha Sutta. Just as a rain cloud makes all the dust in the air vanish, so does the practice of the Noble Eightfold Path destroy evil states. S.v.50.

2. Megha Sutta. Just as a strong wind disperses rain clouds, so does the Noble Eightfold Path disperse all Ill. S.v.50.

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