1. Medhankara. A Buddha of very long ago, belonging to the same kappa as Dīpankara. Bu.xxvii.1; J.i.44.

2. Medhankara Thera. He lived in Ceylon, and was the author of a Singhalese work called Vinayārthasamuccaya. P.L.C.202.

3. Medhankara Thera. Called Araññaka Medhankara. He presided over the Council held by Parakkamabāhu III. P.L.C.213.

4. Medhankara Thera. He was entrusted by Parakkamabāhu IV. with the translation of the Jātakas into Singhalese. The king built for him a parive0a called the Parakkamabāhu parivena, and gave for its maintenance the villages of Purānagāma, Sannīrasela, Labujamandaka and Moravanka. Cv.xc.86.

5. Medhankara Thera (called Vanaratana Medhankara). He wrote the Jinacarita and the Payogasiddhi and lived in the time of Bhuvanakabāhu I. He was an incumbent of the Vijayabāhu parivena, built by Vijayabāhu II. Gv.62, 72; P.L.C. 230f.

6. Medhankara. A Burmese author of the fourteenth century. He was the royal preceptor of Queen Bhaddā, mother of Setibhinda, king of Muttimanagara. He studied for a time in Ceylon and afterwards wrote the Lokadīpasāra. Sās. p. 42; Bode, op. cit., 35f.

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