1. Mahāsumma Thera. An incumbent of Kotapabbata vihāra. The father of Theraputtābhaya was his supporter and was ordained by him. Mhv.xxiii.60f.

2. Mahāsumma Thera. A monk of Ceylon. King Mahācūli Mahātissa labored in a rice harvest, and, with the wages thus received, gave him alms. Mhv.xxxiv.3.

3. Mahāsumma Thera. Pupil of Upatissa. After reading the Vinaya Pitaka nine times, he went to live beyond the river (Mahāvālukagangā) (Sp.i.263). His views are quoted in the Samantapāsādikā. E.g., ii.368; iii.535, 538, 556, 588, 596, 609, 644, 646, 647, 651, 683, 698, 715, 719, etc.

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