1. Mahāsumana. The presiding deity of Sumanakūta. He was a sotāpanna, and on the Buddha’s first visit to Ceylon obtained from him a handful of hair, which he placed in a sapphire shrine. This shrine was later known as Mahiyangana Thūpa. Mhv.i.33ff.

2. Mahāsumana. Elder son of Mahāmunda. He waited upon Anuruddha at his father's house and his father offered to have him ordained. But Anuruddha preferred his brother Cullasumana. DhA.iv.128f.

3. Mahāsumana. A Thera, present at the Foundation Ceremony of the Mahā Thūpa; when the foundation was laid, he offered jātisumana flowers. MT. 524, 527, 528.

4. Mahāsumana.-A devaputta of Aritthapabbata. Ras.ii.169.

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