1. Mahāsubhaddā. Chief wife of the Bodhisatta when he was the elephant king Chaddanta. J.v.37, 39.

2. Mahāsubhaddā. Eldest daughter of Anāthapindika. Before her marriage she waited on the monks who came to her father's house and became a sotāpanna (DhA.i.128; J.i.93). According to the Anguttara Commentary (AA.i.146, 148f ) she married an unbeliever, a householder of Ugganagara, and the Buddha, at her request, went to her house with five hundred monks (chief among whom was Kundadhāna) to receive alms. But see Cūla Subhaddā.

3. Mahāsubhaddā. Chief queen of Mahāsudassana. A ii.189; S.iii.145; J.i.392, calls her Subhaddā.

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