1. Mahāsona. An evil natured horse of Brahmadatta, king of Benares.

See the Suhanu Jātaka.

2. Mahāsona. One of the ten chief warriors of Dutthagāmanī. He was born in Hunadarīvāpī in the Kulumbarī district as the eighth son of a man named Tissa. He was as strong as ten elephants, and took a prominent part in the attack on Vijitapura. Mhv.xxiii.2, 46ff.; xxv. 27f.; 44f. See also Ras.ii.86f.

3. Mahāsona. A monk in the time of Vattagāmani Abhaya. During the troubles caused by the brigand Brāhmanatissa, he travelled about in the company of Isidatta Thera, maintaining themselves on whatever they could find. One day a maiden made three balls of food, gave one to Isidatta, the second to Mahāsona, and wished to give the third to Isidatta; but her hand turned, and the food fell into Mahāsona's bowl. Later, he lived with five hundred others in Mandalārāma vihāra. One day, while in Kālakagāma for alms, they were entertained by a pious devotee. The latter asked for Mahāsona and showed him special honour, though Mahāsona was only a junior monk. Some time after, Mahāsona returned to the Mahāvihāra in Anurādhapura and received many gifts, which he distributed among the Sangha. Vibhā.446ff.

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