The elder brother of Cūlapanthaka (q.v.) and grandson of Dhanasetthi of Rājagaha. He went with his grandfather to hear the Buddha preach, won faith, and entered the Order. He became skilled in the Doctrine, and, in due course, received higher ordination and became an arahant, with special proficiency in the four arūpajhānas. Later, he was declared pre eminent among those skilled in the evolution of consciousness (saññāvivattakusalānam) (A.i.24).

His resolve to win such eminence was made in the time of Padumuttara Buddha when he heard a monk similarly honoured by the Buddha. ThagA.i.490f.; AA.i.118f; details about Mahāpanthaka are given see Cūlapanthaka. They are to be found in J.i.114ff.; DhA.i.241ff.

A set of verses uttered by him in the joy of attainment is included in the Theragāthā. Thag.vss.510 17.

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