1. Mahāpañha Sutta

A series of questions and answers forming an epitome of the Buddha's teachings; each question contains one statement (uddesa) and one exposition (veyyākarana), and so on, up to ten, which consists of ten subjects (dasa akusalakammapathā) put in one group (A.v.48ff). It is probably this sutta which is referred to as the Mahāpañhā in the Anguttara Nikāya. A.v.54.

2. Mahāpañha Sutta

A number of lay devotees of Kajañgalā visit the Kajañgalā bhikkbunī (q.v.) and ask her to explain in detail the Mahāpañhā as stated by the Buddha. She answers that she has heard neither the explanation of the Buddha nor that of the arahants, but she will explain them according to her own lights, and proceeds to do so. The devotees report her explanation to the Buddha, who praises her wisdom and declares that his own explanation would have been identical. A.v.54ff.

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