The fifteenth Sutta of the Dīgha Nikāya, preached to Ananda at Kammāssadamma in the Kuru country. Ananda says that the doctrine of events as arising from causes is quite clear to him; that it only appears deep. "Say not so," warns the Buddha, and proceeds to give a detailed exposition of the Paticcasamuppāda, or Chain of Causation, as it comes later to be called, explaining how each link in the chain of samsāra is both the effect of one factor and the cause of another. The Sutta also discusses the idea of "soul," the seven resting places of cognition (viññānatthiti), the two spheres (āyatana), and the eight kinds of deliverance (vimokkha). D.ii.55-71; Thomas: cp. Cit.,197.

Khemā had heard the Mahānidāna Sutta in the time of Kassapa Buddha (Ap.ii.546, vs.34). On hearing it again, preached by Gotama, she revived her memory and became an arahant. Apii.549, vs.72.

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