A town in Rohana in Dvādasasahassakarattha. It is first mentioned in the account of the campaigns of Vijayabāhu I (Cv.lviii.39). His ādipāda, Vikkamabāhu, made it his capital and lived there (Cv.lx.90), as did Kittisirimegha, brother of Mānābharana (Cv.lxi.23). Later, Sirivallabha lived there with his queen Ratnāvalī, her two daughters and the young Parakkamabāhu (Cv.lxiii.4).

When Parakkamabāhu became king as Parakkamabāhu I., he wished to bring the city under his power, and sent Damilādhikarī Rakkha and Rakkha Kañcukināyaka to subdue it. This they did only after much difficulty, owing to the severe resistance of the rebels of Rohana. After its capture, Damilādhikāri Rakkha held a great festival in celebration of his victory, and the place was made the headquarters of Parakkamabāhu's forces in Rohana. Cv.lxxv.19, 70, 115ff.; 162f. For its identification see Cv.Trs.i.205, n.3.

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