1. Mahāgallaka. A village in Dakkhinaesa of Ceylon where Sanghatissa once camped (Cv.xliv.3). Dāthopatissa II. gave the village to the Padhānaghara in the Kassapa vihāra. The village is mentioned in the account of the campaigns of Parakkamabāhu I. Cv.lxv.27. Cv.lviii.43; see also Cv.Trs.i.74, n.2; 206, n.1.

2. Mahāgallaka. A tank built by Mahāsena. Parakkamabāhu I. repaired it and constructed a canal from the tank to Sūkaranijjhara. Mhv.xxxvii.49. Cv.lxviii.34, 43; lxxix. 66; see also Cv. Trs.i.279, n. 5.

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