1. Mahāgāma

The capital of Rohana.

Dutthagāmani was born there, and ruled there till he started on his campaign against the Damilas (Mhv.xxviii.8, 59, etc.; Cv.xlv.42, etc.; see also Mhv.Trs.146, n.5).

Throughout history Mahāgāma remained the most important place in Rohana. Near by were the Tissamahārāma and the Anurārāma built by Subha. It is first mentioned (Mhv.xxii.8) as the residence of Devānampiyatissa's younger brother, Mahānāga, who founded the Rohana dynasty, but, as a settlement, it probably dates back to the most ancient times. Mahānāga built in it the Nāgamahā vihāra. Mahātissa built the Mahāpāli Hall in Mahāgāma and attached to it the Dāthaggabodhi-parivena (Cv.xlv.42). The Damilas (probably in the time of Mahīnda IV.) destroyed Mahāgāma, but the buildings were restored by Vijayabāhu I. Cv.lx.56.

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