1. Mahādeva Thera. The Chief Disciple of Padumuttara Buddha. AA.i.114; but Bu.xi.24 calls him Devala.

2. Mahādeva Thera. A disciple of Kakusandha Buddha, whom he accompanied to Ceylon, and who was left behind by the Buddha to look after the converts. Mhv.xv.89; Dpv.xv.38, 43; xvii.25; Sp.i.86.

3. Mahādeva Thera. He conferred the pabbajā ordination on Mahinda (Mhv.v.206; Dpv.vii.25). After the Third Council he went as apostle to Mahisamandala, where he preached the Devadūta Sutta, converting forty thousand people and conferring ordination on forty thousand more. Mhv.xii.3, 29; Dpv.viii.5; Sp.i.66.

4. Mahādeva. A minister of Asoka, whose counsel was followed by Asoka in the arrangements for the despatch of a branch of the Bodhi-tree to Ceylon. Mhv.xviii.20.

5. Mahādeva Thera. He was from Pallavabhogga, and was present with four hundred and sixty thousand monks at the Foundation Ceremony of the Mahā Thūpa. Mhv.xxix.38.

6. Mahādeva Thera. He was an incumbent of Bhaggari, and was among those who were the last to become arahants after renouncing the world with the Bodhisatta in previous births. J.iv.490.

7. Mahādeva Thera. From Dāmahālaka. King Sanghatissa heard him one day preach the merits of giving rice gruel, and thereupon instituted an abundant gift of rice gruel to the monks at the gates of Anurādhapura. Mhv.xxxvi.68.

8. Mahādeva. A minister of Dappula II. He built the Dappulapabbata vihāra. Cv.l.80.

9. Mahādeva. See Maliya Mahādeva.

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