Mahāgatimba-Abhaya Thera. Mentioned among those who could remember early incidents in their lives. When he was five days old he saw a crow pecking at some milk rice prepared for a ceremony and made a sound to drive it away. This was the earliest recollection of the Thera. He had a beautiful complexion. DA.ii.530; MNidA.234. AA.ii.596.

Mahāgatimbya-Tissadatta (v.l. Mahāgatigamiya Tissadatta). A Thera. He once went over from Ceylon to India to worship the Bodhi tree. While crossing, seeing only the waters round him, he fell to wondering which was the more extraordinary, the sound of the ocean waves or the method of the twenty four divisions of the Patthāna. The limits of the great ocean then became apparent to him. DhSA. p. 11.

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