1. Mattā. A Therī who came to Ceylon from Jambudīpa and taught the Vinaya at Anurādhapura. Dpv.xviii.12.

2. Mattā. A petī. In her previous life she was married to a householder of Sāvatthi, but, because she was barren, her husband married another woman, named Tissā, by whom he had a child called Bhūta. One day, when Tissā and her husband were talking together, Mattā was seized with jealousy and threw a heap of dirt on Tissā's head. After death, Mattā was born as a petī and suffered grievously. She appeared before Tissā, and, at her request, Tissā, gave alms to eight monks, giving the merit to Mattā. Mattā immediately won heavenly bliss. Pv.ii.3; PvA.82ff.

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