1. Mallikā Sutta. Mallikā visits the Buddha and asks him why some women are beautiful, others plain, some rich, others poor. The Buddha explains that if a woman be ill tempered and irritable, jealous and slow to give alms, such a one becomes poor and of ill favour, wherever she may happen to be born. A woman, however, who never becomes angry or agitated even under great provocation, and is generous, such a one becomes beautiful and rich.

Mallikā declares her determination for the future, to be gentle in temper, never revengeful or harbouring a grudge, but always amiable and generous. A.ii.202ff.

2. Mallikā Sutta. Pasenadi asks Mallikā, as they sit on the upper terrace of the palace, if anyone is dearer to her than her own "self "; she says "No one." He says that the same is true of him, but is evidently piqued, for he seeks the Buddha; the Buddha tells him that Mallikā has spoken truly and well. S.i.75.

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