1. Makhādeva. King, son of Sāgaradeva, in the direct line from Mahāsammata. He was a great and liberal ruler, and his sons and grandsons, eighty four thousand in number, reigned in Mithilā, the last of them being Nemiya, son of Kālārajanaka (Dpv.iii.34 f.; Mhv.ii.10; MT.129; DA.i.258 calls him the son of Upacara; also SNA.i.352).

His dynasty was followed by that of Okkāka, so that he is one of the ancestors of the Sākiyans (DA.i.258; SNA.i.352).

See also Makhādeva Jātaka and Makhādeva Sutta.

Makhādeva is identified with the Bodhisatta. In a later birth he became Nimi. v.l. Maghādeva.

2. Makhādeva. A yakkha, identified with Angulimāla. For his story see Sutana Jātaka. J.iii.325ff.

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