An heretical sect, which broke off from the Theravādins at the same time as the Vajjiputtakas. The sect was later divided into the Sabbatthivādins and the Dhammaguttikas (Mhv.v. 6, 8; Dpv.v.45, 47; MT. 174f.; Mhv. 96). They held that the truth of nirodha had two aspects (Kvu.ii.11; see also viii.9; xviii.6; xix.8; xx.5; and Rockhill, op. cit., 182-186, 191-192). Buddhadeva Thera, at whose request the Jātakatthakathā was written, belonged to the Mahimsāsaka Vamsa (J.i.1).

Fa Hsien found a group of monks belonging to this sect in Ceylon. (Giles, op. cit., p. 76.).

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