A kingdom mentioned in the Sankhapāla Jātaka as being near Mount Candaka. There lived the Bodhisatta, in a hermitage on the bend of the river Kannapannā, where it left Lake Sankhapāla (J.v.162).

Keka is mentioned as the capital of Mahimsaka, where a king named Ajjuna once ruled (J.v.145) also a city, called Sakula, capital of King Sakula. Near Sakula was a lake, called Mānusiya (J.v.337).

In the Bhīmasena Jātaka (J.i.356) the Bodhisatta is mentioned as living for some time in Mahimsaka in his birth as Cūladhanuggaha pandita. Mahimsaka is mentioned (E.g., Vibhā.4) as an example of a country where cold weather frequently occurs.

The country is generally identified with Malayagiri, the Malabar Ghats. See also Mahisamandala.

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