Mention is made in the books of the Magadhakhetta, probably an extensive rice field which at once caught the eye on account of its terraces. It could be seen from the Indasāla guhā (ThagA.i.333). The contour of the field struck the Buddha's imagination and he asked Ananda to design a robe of the same pattern. Ananda did this very successfully, and this pattern has been adopted for the robes of members of the Order ever since (Vin.i.287).

The Suvannnakakkata Jātaka (J.iii.293; also iv.277) mentions a field of one thousand karīsas (about eight thousand acres) in a brahmin village called Sālindiya to the east of Rājagaha.

Magadhakhetta may sometimes have been used as another name for Magadha. See, e.g., AA.i.126, where NāIakagāma is mentioned as having been in Magadhakhetta.

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