1. Māyādhanu. The youngest brother of Bhuvanekabāhu VII. and father of Rājasīha I. He reigned over a part of Ceylon with his capital at Sītāvaka (1521 81 A.C.). His reign was marked by a series of severe and fluctuating struggles against his brother and against the Portuguese then in Colombo. He is said to have been succeeded by his son, Rājasīha. Cv.xciii.3ff.; Cv. Trs.ii.224, n. 1; 225, n. 3.

2. Māyādhanu. The name of a district in Ceylon, between the coast and the mountains. Its capital was Sītāvaka, founded by Parakkamabāhu IV. There was in it a village called Udakagāma. Cv.xc. 100; c. 213; Cv. Trs.ii.209, n. 8.

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