1. Mātuvihāra. A vihāra built by King Saddhātissa. Mhv.xxxiii.9.

2. Mātuvihāra. A vihāra built by the mother of Gajabāhukagāmanī, on the spot where, in a thicket of flowering kadambas, she had met an ascetic rising from a trance of seven days and had given him food which she was taking to her father the brick worker. As a result of this gift she became the queen of Vankanāsikatissa. Later she bought the piece of land for one thousand and built there the vihāra. Gajabāhukagāmanī built a stone thūpa connected with it and gave lands to the monks of the vihāra (Mhv.xxxiii.104ff., 115ff). The full name of this vihāra seems to have been Rājamātuvihāra (q.v.). MT. 656.

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