1. Loka Sutta. The origin and continuance of the world depends on the six senses. S.i.41.

2. Loka Sutta. The Buddha tells Pasenadi that greed, hate and delusion make for trouble and suffering in the world. S.i.98.

3. Loka Sutta. The origin and passing away of the world depend on the senses and their objects. S.ii.73.

4. Loka Sutta. The world is so called because it crumbles away (lujjati). S.iv.52.

5. Loka Sutta. Because of eye and object arises eye consciousness. Thence comes contact, feeling, craving, grasping and becoming. Thus is the world originated; with their cessation the world ceases. S.iv.87.

6. Loka Sutta. Anuruddha tells Sāriputta that his knowledge of the universe is due to the cultivation of the four satipatthānas. S.v.175.

7. Loka Sutta. Anuruddha tells his companions that he knows the world and its divers shapes and forms through the satipatthānas. S.v.304.

8. Loka Sutta. In this world of many kinds of beings, the Tathāgata an āriyan. S.v.435.

9. Loka Sutta. The world and its arising are fully known by a Tathāgata and he is released from both; he also knows the ending of it and the way thereto. He speaks as he does; he is unconquered in the world. A.ii.23.

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