1. Loka. A general, inhabitant of Makkhakudrūsa. He ruled for six years over Rohana, his seat of government being in Kājaragāma. A chieftain named Buddharāja quarrelled with him and fled to Cunnasālā, where he was joined by Kitti (afterwards Vijayabāhu I.). Loka marched against their combined forces, was defeated in Remuna, and died soon after. Cv.lvii.1, 45 64.

2. Loka. Son of Kassapa (afterwards Vikkamabāhu I.) and Lokitā. His brother was Moggallāna. Cv.lvii.29; Cv.Trs.i.195, n.3.

3. Loka Kesadhātu. An officer of Parakkamabāhu I. (Cv.lxxii.57). He served under the generals Damilādhikāri Rakkha (Cv.lxxv.75) and Lankāpura (Cv.lxxvi. 253, 269) and took a prominent part in the campaign against Kulasekhara, particularly in the capture of Rājinā. Cv.lxxvi.324, 327.

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