1. Lohicca Sutta. The account of the visit of Lohicca (1) (q.v.) of Makkarakata to Mahā Kaccāna. S.iv.117ff.

2. Lohicca Sutta. The twelfth sutta of the Dīgha Nikāya, containing the discussion between the Buddha and Lohicca of Sālāvatikā. The underlying argument of the sutta is that everyone should be allowed to learn; that everyone possessing certain attainments should be allowed to teach; but that if he does teach, he should teach all and to all, keeping nothing back, shutting no one out. But no man should take upon himself to teach unless he has first taught himself, and has acquired the faculty of imparting to others the truth he has gained himself. D.i.224ff.

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