1. Līlāvatī. A Cola Princess, daughter of Jagatīpāla. She escaped with her father to Ceylon, where she became the queen of Vijayabāhu I. Cv.lix.24f.

2. Līlāvatī. Daughter of Vīravamma and Yasodharā, the latter being the daughter of Vijayabāhu I. and his queen Līlāvatī. She married Vikkamabāhu. Cv.lix. 28, 50. See Vikkamabāhu (2).

3. Līlāvatī. Daughter of Sirivallabha and Sugalā and sister of Mānābharana (Cv.lxii.2). She was the first queen of Parakkamabāhu I., and after his death, she ruled over Ceylon for three years (1197 1200 A.C.), with the help of the general Kitti, till she was expelled by Sāhasamalla. Then she reigned again for one year, this time with the help of Vikkantacamūnakka. Lokissara deposed her and ruled for nine months, when the general Parakkama once more restored Līlāvatī to the throne, which, this time, she occupied for about seven months. Cv.lxxx.31, 46, 50; also Cv.Trs.ii.131, n.5.

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