A grove to the south west of Rājagaha. In it was the Supatittha cetiya, where the Buddha stayed during his first visit to Rājagaha from Gayāsīsa, after the Enlightenment. There Bimbisāra visited him with twelve nahutas of followers, and Uruvela Kassapa dispelled their doubts by declaring his acceptance of the Buddha as his teacher. It was during this visit that Bimbisāra gifted Veluvana to the Buddha and his Order (Vin.i.35ff.; DhA.i.88; AA.i.166; BuA.18, etc.). Eleven nahutas, with Bimbisāra at their head, became sotāpannas at the end of the Buddha's sermon, which included the Mahānārada Kassapa Jātaka. The remaining nahuta was established in the Refuges (J.i.84; AA.i.57; also J.vi.219).

The grove evidently received its name from its green liquorice creepers, hence its description as Latthimadhukavana (E.g., J.i.68).

Hiouen Thsang calls it Yastivana and describes it as a grove of bamboos, giving accounts of its origin and various stories connected with it. (Beal, op. cit., 145f.; see VT.136).

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