1. Kūta Sutta.-In a peaked house (kūtāgāra) all the rafters converge towards the peak; so are all wrong states fixed together in ignorance. S.ii.262.

2. Kūta Sutta.-Similar to the above; all profitable conditions have earnestness as their peak. S.v.43.

3. Kūta Sutta.-Just as all the rafters slope to the peak, so do the seven bojjhangas tend towards nibbāna. S.v.75.

4. Kūta Sutta.-Two discourses of similar import, preached to Anāthapindika. When a peaked house is un-thatched, the peak, the roof-beams and the walls are all unprotected. When thought is unguarded all actions also are unguarded. A.i.261f.

5. Kūta Sutta.-Of the five powers (saddhā, hiri, ottappa, viriya, paññā) the last is the peak (A.iii.10).

6. Kūta Sutta.-Of the five powers, (saddhā, viriya, sati, samādhi, paññā) the last is the peak. A.iii.12.

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