1. Kusinārā Sutta.-Preached at Baliharana in Kusinārā. Offerings, made to a monk by the pious, bring him no real advantage if, he is slothful; he should be strenuous and vigilant. A.i.274f.

2. Kusinārā Sutta.-Also preached at Baliharana. A monk wishing to rebuke another monk, should consider five things with regard to himself - whether he is of blameless conduct in body and speech; whether he really wishes well for his colleague and is not influenced by envy; whether he is learned in the doctrine; whether his pātimokkhas are perfect. He should also consider whether his rebuke is seasonable, justified by facts, administered gently, for the other's benefit and out of compassion for him (A.v.79f).

3. Kusinārā Sutta.-Preached at Upavattana in Kusinārā, in the Sālagrove of the Mallas. The Buddha, just before his death, invites the monks to question him with regard to any doubts or misgivings they may have. They remain silent (A.ii.79f). The sutta occurs also as part of the Mahā-Parinibbāna Sutta. D.ii.137, 154.

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