One of the great collections of commentaries on the Tipitaka used by Buddhaghosa in the compilation of his works. Tradition says (See, e.g., Saddhamma-Sangaha, p.55) that it was written in Sinhalese, and was so called because it was compiled in the Kurundavelu-Vihāra in Ceylon.

It seems to have been chiefly concerned with Vinaya rules, for we find frequent references to it; particularly in the Samantapāsādikā. E.g., Sp.i.281; ii.319; iii.537, 544, 545, 573, 583, 597, 616, 620, 626, 627, 660, 664, 668, 688, 722, 726; iv.745, 758, 778, 783, 789, 813, 818, 861, 920, etc.

It is also called Kurundī-gandha (Gv.59). In many cases its explanations appear to have been different from those of other commentaries.

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