1. Kundalī.-The sārikā-bird of the Mahāummagga Jātaka is identified with Kundalī (J.vi.478). The reference is probably to Bhaddā Kundalakesī.

2. Kundalī.-The name of the she-ass in the Vātaggasindhava Jātaka (q.v.). J.ii.338f.

3. Kundalī.-The name of a vimāna in Tāvatimsa. In this vimāna was born a man who once tended Sāriputta and Moggallāna and looked after them when they stayed in a vihāra in Kāsi. Vv.vi.8; VvA.295f.

4. Kundalī.- A brahmin, importer of foreign goods. He was a friend of Dighābhaya and lived in Dvāramandala. Mhv.xxiii.24.

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