A forest near the Koliyan village of Kundiya. (DhA.iv.192 calls it Kundikoliya, v.l. Kundikeliya).

It was once the residence of the Yakkha Kunda, who favoured offerings made to him with kunda-dhāna (vessels containing rice-powder?). A woman, who was the head of a village (gāmapatikā), formed a settlement on a spot indicated by the Yakkha and was guarded by him. She thus came to be known as Kundiyā, and when, later, the Koliyan nobles built a city on the same spot, the city was known as Kundiya. In the forest tract the Koliyan nobles built a monastery for the Buddha and his monks. It was while the Buddha was dwelling in this monastery that Suppavāsā gave birth to Sīvalī, after prolonged labour pains, which only ceased after she received the Buddha's blessing (Ud.ii.8; UdA.122; DhA.iv.192f; J.i.407).

v.l. Kunditthāna, Kundikāna, Kunhāna.

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