1. Kunāla.-One of the seven great lakes in the region of the Himālaya. The Buddha once visited it with a large concourse of Sākiyan youths who had joined the Order, and on that occasion he preached the Kunāla Jātaka (J.v.415; MA.ii.692, 1021; AA.ii.759, etc.). The sun's rays never reached the waters of the lake, which were therefore never warm (SnA.ii.407). According to Buddhaghosa (SnA.i.358; DA.ii.675), the Kunāla Jātaka was actually preached on the banks of the Kunāladaha.

2. Kunāla.-The Bodhisatta, born as the king of the Citrakokilas. He lived in a beautiful forest in the Himālaya, attended by three thousand five hundred hen birds. He was carried about on a stick by two birds while in front, behind, above and below flew his vast retinue, guarding him from all harm and providing for all his needs. He distrusted and despised all womankind, and his stories of their wiles, as related by him to his friend Punnamukha, are given in the Kunāla Jātaka.

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