The Bodhisatta was a potter in Benares, and to his house came four Pacceka Buddhas - Karandu, Naggaji, Nimi and Dummukha - from Nandamūla-pabbhāra. He welcomed them and asked them the stories of their renunciation. Having heard them, both he and his wife wished to leave the world, but his wife, deceiving him, went before him, leaving him to look after their son and daughter. When the children were old enough he, too, became an ascetic, and though he met his wife later he refused to have anything to do with her.

The son was Rāhula and the daughter Uppalavannā, the wife being Rāhulamātā.

The story was related to five hundred monks who had lustful thoughts at midnight. The Buddha read their thoughts and visited them with Ananda (J.iii.375ff). See also the Pānīya Jātaka.

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