Son of the chief treasurer of Rājagaha. Plague breaks out in the city and attacks the chief treasurer and his wife. When about to die they bid farewell to Kumbhaghosaka, directing him to flee for his life and return later to dig up their treasure. He spends twelve years in a jungle and returns to find the treasure undisturbed; but reflecting that since he is unknown in the city he may be subjected to annoyance if he is seen digging up the treasure and spending it, he decides to earn his own living and obtains a position as foreman. One day the king, hearing his voice, exclaims: "That is the voice of some rich man." Several times this happens, and then a female servant, overhearing the king's words, offers for a consideration to make him master of the man's wealth. She obtains lodgings for herself and her daughter in Kumbhaghosaka's house and contrives to make him seduce her daughter. A marriage is arranged, and Kumbhaghosaka is obliged to dig up some of the wealth in order to defray the various expenses proclaimed by the king's orders. When the plot is complete, Kumbhaghosaka is summoned before the king, who, having heard his story, confirms him in his inheritance and gives him his own daughter as wife.

The king tells the story to the Buddha, who praises Kumbhaghosaka. DhA.i.321ff.

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