1. Kumārapeta Vatthu.-A man of Sāvatthi abused those who gave alms to the Buddha and his monks, but his mother made him retract his words and give alms for seven days. He was born later as the son of a courtesan who left him in a graveyard. The Buddha went there and proclaimed that the boy had a great future before him. The boy was adopted by a rich man and spent his wealth in deeds of piety. After death he was born as Sakka's son. Pv.iii.5; PvA.194ff.

2. Kumārapeta Vatthu.-Two sons of the Kosala king committed adultery and were born as petas. One night they uttered loud lamentations and the inhabitants of Sāvatthi sought the Buddha's protection. The Buddha explained things to them, and the people gave alms and made over their merit so gained to the petas. Pv.iv.6; PvA.261f.

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