1. Kulupaka Sutta.-Five qualities which make a monk disagreeable to the families he visits: he is intimate on slight acquaintance (asanthavavissāsī); takes privileges without justification (anissaravikappi); tries to bring together estranged families (viyatthūpāsevī); is a gossip (upakannakajappī); and is importunate (atiyācanako). A.iii.136f

2. Kulupaka Sutta.-The five evil results of visiting families: sitting together in secret, and in concealed places, tendency to go uninvited, talking about women, and being filled with lustful thoughts. A.iii.258f

3. Kulupaka Sutta.-Five evil results of visiting families too often-frequent sight of women and consequent danger to celibacy in varying degrees. A.iii.259.

4. Kulupaka Sutta.-The Buddha says that Mahā Kassapa has the qualities requisite to becoming a monk worthy of visiting families. He is not vexed even if they give scantily, tardily or disrespectfully. S.ii.200.

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