1. Kulasekhara.-A Cholian king of South India. He besieged the Pandyan king, Parakkama of Madhurā, and the latter sent for help to Parakkamabāhu I. of Ceylon. Parakkamabāhu sent an expeditionary force to South India under Lankāpura, but in the meantime the Pandyan king had been slain and his capital taken. The Sinhalese force, however, landed and carried on a prolonged campaign against Kulasekhara and his allies, who seem to have been numerous and powerful. Kulasekhara was defeated, and the Pandyan king's son, Vira Pandu, was installed in Madhurā. The Cola prisoners taken in the war were brought to Ceylon and employed in the reconstruction of the Mahā Thūpa in Anurādhapura. For details of this war see Cv.lxxvi, and lxxvii. For Kulasekhara's later history see Cv.Trs.ii.100, n.1.

2. Kulasekhara.-A Pandu king. His general Ariyacakkavatti invaded Ceylon in the reign of Bhuvanekabāhu I. and carried off the Tooth Relic and other treasures. Later Parakkamabāhu III, visited Kulasekhara and retrieved the Tooth Relic. Cv.xc.47; 53f

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