1. Kula Sutta.-Families consisting of many women and few men are molested by robbers; likewise a monk who has not developed emancipation of mind through love is easily molested by non-humans (S.ii.263).

2. Kula Sutta. Asibandhakaputta visits the Buddha at the Pāvārika-ambavana in Nālandā at Nigantha Nātaputta's request, and tells the Buddha that he does wrong in obtaining alms from famine-stricken Nālandā. The Buddha replies that his begging does not come within the eight causes of injury to families: viz.,

Asibandhakaputta becomes the Buddha's follower (S.iv.322f).

3. Kula Sutta.-The five advantages which accrue to families visited by holy men:

4. Kula Sutta.-Seven reasons for which a family is not worth visiting:

5. Kula Sutta.-Similar to 4. Nine reasons are given, the additional ones being: they show no desire to hear the doctrine and take no interest when it is preached to them. A.iv.387.

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