1. Kukkuta Jātaka (No.383).-The story of a cat who tried to deceive a cock - with the idea of eating him - by offering to become his wife. Her efforts failed. The cock was the Bodhisatta.

The story was told to a monk who was tempted by the sight of a woman (J.iii.265f).

This Jātaka is illustrated in the Bharhut Stūpa. Cunningham: Pl.xlvii.5.

2. Kukkuta Jātaka (No.448).-The Bodhisatta was once the chief of a large flock of fowls. A falcon, by means of engaging speech, tried to become friendly with him in order to eat him, but his attempts failed. There could be no friendship between fowl and falcon, said the Bodhisatta. The story was related in reference to Dedavatta's attempts to kill the Buddha. v.l. Kukkuha. J.iv.55ff

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