1. Kosala Sutta.-While Pasenadi is visiting the Buddha, a messenger arrives and announces the death of Mallikā. The king is greatly grieved, but the Buddha consoles him by pointing out how it is impossible to escape old age, decay, disease, destruction. A.iii.57.

2. Kosala Sutta.-Everything changes, even Pasenadi, king of Kāsi-Kosala, the whole universe, even Mahā Brahmā and the devas of the Abhassara world. Instability and change are everywhere; therefore the wise loathe all, having a mind only to attain in this life the anupadāparinibbāna (A.v.59ff).

3. Kosala Sutta.-Pasenadi visits the Buddha at Jetavana after having won a battle, and, falling at the Buddha's feet, shows great humility and does obeisance. When the Buddha asks the reason for such profound homage, the king gives various reasons for his honouring of the Buddha (A.v.65ff).

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