Daughter of Mahā Kosala and sister of Pasenadi.

She was married to Bimbisāra, and a village in Kāsi was given to her for bath-money as part of her dowry. She was the mother of Ajātasattu. (Ajātasattu is called Videhiputta). When pregnant with him, she was filled with a desire to drink blood from the right knee of her husband, and on learning from the astrologers that this presaged the birth of a patricide, she went to the park-called, on that account, Maddakucchi - and tried to bring about an abortion, but failed. Bimbisāra satisfied her longing. When Bimbisāra was imprisoned by Ajātasattu she waited upon him, taking him food till she was absolutely prevented from doing so. After his death she died of grief, and Pasenadi made war on Ajātasattu to avenge her death. J.ii.237; 403; iii.121f.

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