1. Korandapupphiya Thera.-An arahant. Ninety-one kappas ago he saw the footprint of the Buddha Vipassī and offered to it a koranda-plant in bloom. Fifty-seven kappas ago he was a king named Vītamala (Ap.i.206). He is probably to be identified with Ramanīyavihārī. ThagA.i.116.

2. Korandapupphiya Thera.-An arahant. He was a woodsman in the time of Tissa Buddha, and having seen three footprints of the Buddha, he offered to him a flowering koranda-plant. In all subsequent births his skin was the colour of the koranda-flower. The same verses appear in two places in the Apadāna with very slight variations (Ap.ii.383, 434). Perhaps these are two distinct persons, because in the Theragāthā Commentary the verses appear twice - once under the name of Sugandha (ThagA.i.81) and once under that of Sabbamitta (ThagA.i.270).

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