Some ascetics in Himavā failed to take their duties seriously and spent their time in eating and making merry. They had a monkey who provided them with amusement. One day when the ascetics went to the plains for salt and condiments, the Bodhisatta, who had been born as a brahmin ascetic named Komāyaputta, occupied their lodging; when the monkey started to play his pranks for him, the Bodhisatta snapped his fingers at him and told him to behave properly, because he lived with ascetics. The monkey thereupon became virtuous and refused to return to his evil ways, even after the arrival of his former friends.

The story was told at the Pubbārāma, in reference to some monks who lived there in the apartments below those of the Buddha, and who were quarrelsome and abusive. At the Buddha's request, Moggallāna made their house shake in order to frighten them. J.ii.447f.

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