1. Kittaggabodhi.-Nephew of Dappula II. He married Devā, King Dappula's daughter, and leaving his brother, who was also called Dappula, will, the king, went to Rohana, and having subdued that, country, became king there (Cv.xlix.71). He had four sons - Mahinda, Kassapa, Sena and Udaya - and three daughters - Sanghā, Tissā and Kitti (Cv.l.50ff).

2. Kittaggabodhi.-ādipāda and son of Mahinda, uparāja to Sena II and Kitti. He rebelled against Udaya II. and fled to Rohana, whose ruler he killed. He was taken captive by Prince Mahinda, son of Kassapa, the yuvarāja of Udaya II, with the help of the general Vajiragga, in Malaya, and was probably killed by the latter at Guttasāla. Cv.li.94ff

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