Preached by the Buddha in reply to a question put by Sāriputta beginning with the word kimsīla. Sāriputta visited the Buddha, taking with him a young man, son of a friend of his father. The youth had joined the Order under Sāriputta renouncing his immense wealth, but he could gain no attainment. Sāriputta desired him to hear an exposition by the Buddha, hence his question (SnA.i.331).

One who aspires to the highest good should not be envious, obstinate, or careless, but diligent in his training, cultivating self-restraint and chastity, intent in the dhamma, making the dhamma his first and last concern (Sn.pp.56f).

This sutta is the ninth of the Culla Vagga of the Sutta Nipāta, and derives its name from the first word (kimsilo) in Sāriputta's question.

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