A class of devas who live in the Cātummahārājika-world. For ages they spend their time in laughter and in sport of sensual lusts. In consequence their self-possession is corrupted and they fall from their state (D.i.19; PsA.441; NidA.i.108). They are so called because they are corrupted and are destroyed by sport (khiddāya padussanti, vinassanti) (DA.i.113). It is said that while playing about in such pleasances as Nandanavana, Cittalatāvana and Phārusakavana, they forget to eat and drink and fade away like flowers. Their death is due to self-consciousness (attasañcetanā) (AA.ii.544). They are, as it were, burnt up by their infatuation (mohassa anudaha-natāya-mohanavasena hi tesam satisammoso) (VibhA.498). They were present at the preaching of the Mahāsamaya Sutta (D.ii.260). v.l. Khiddāpadūsikā.

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