1. Khandha Sutta.-The four satipatthānas must be developed in order to destroy the five upādānakkhandas. A.iv.458f.

2. Khandha Sutta.-The four kinds of recluses - Samana-m-acala, Samanapundārika, Samanapaduma, and Samanasukhumāla - in reference to the contemplation of the five upādānakkhandhas. A.ii.90f.

3. Khandha Sutta.-Preached to Rāhula. The khandhas are fleeting, unhappy, and have, therefore, no atta. S.ii.249, 252.

4. Khandha Sutta. -The Four Noble Truths in respect to the five upādānakkhandhas. S.v.425.

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